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It’s Friday and which is a good day to talk about teamwork. I’m a frontend developer, which means I work mainly on the visible side of react native applications. In the complex system I work everyday with backend developer in the project team. Having a good teamwork and cooperation between those both sides can make the progress of work much faster.

I’m sometimes stuck after getting some kind of error from API which I don’t fully understand and I can talk to backend developer to help me out in such errors. This way backend developer can understand that he may introduce a small change in the API in order to make it work better for API consumers.

When you’re working at any company - having a good relationship **with “the other side” of development is a fundament of your **satisfaction with your work and making progress for a client. Having an understanding attitude towards each other problems, respecting each other’s workloads and time-schedules makes you and your coworker wanting to work with you again in the future.

This is a great soft skill to have. Most of us software developers work in some kind of company and we’ll always work in teams, whether you workremotely or in the office, good teamwork is always better than trying to brin each other's mojo down.

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