Learning React Native

Today I have an answer to a question I got asked a lot of inmy instagramDM's

How to learn React Native?

First and foremost, I started learning this framework 2+ years ago. It looked and worked a little bit different than today. Also a lot of material i used for learning it has gotten old.

Nowadays, I'm learning a new part of the framework whenever I need it in the apl I'm building. Most of the times I'm using awesome official React Native document for it.

In aintroduction postI opened this blog last year. i wrote last year. I recommend a few great sources for learning JavaScript and React framework. Those are necessary prerequisites to start learning and using React Native.

Now, there's a ton of great knowledge available to learn React Native. I myself try to contribute to sharing this knowledge by writing Instagram posts and articles for blog.

There are a few fundamental elements of React Native, that you have to familiarize yourself with and this is a short list of which I'm going to expand on more in the future.

  1. Fundamental JavaScript & CSS knowledge
  2. React (definately with learning about hooks) & JSX syntax.
  3. Terminal knowledge to install necessary dependencies.
  4. Tooling for both Android & iOS development: Expo for beginners and after diving deeper Android Studio & Xcode
  5. React Native elements & most commonly used APIs.

Every of this subject is a very broad section. There are tons of great resources online for learning them I myself will try to focus on providing you the most valuable and practical knowledge on 5 and 4 in the upcoming posts.

Stay tuned!