Debugging Techniques-Rubber-ducking methode

I decided that I'll repost all education-related posts from myInstagramhere, so it won't get lost in the feed of beautiful pictures.


So as I was writing yesterday onInstagram, I have a new pair programming friend called Rej, which is a mannequin. It may sound like I gone crazy, but actually he's kind of useful jokes aside.

There's a great debuging technique called Rubber-ducking. Have you heard about it? It's quite a helpful one for me and I find myself using it more often lately.

Rubber ducking debugging is when you speak to a rubber duck or anyone, or anything (here using mannequin Rej 😅) about your problem you'd like to solve.

In the process of speaking and thoroughly explaining the problem to the receiver(again Rej😂) you tend to understand the problem more clearly and very often even before finishing the explanation, you come up with a solution to it.


It's very simple, but effective technique and I use it daily - helped me today a lot. It may sound silly, but I really recommend you try it, it's worth it.