Learning TypeScript


I've seen more and more mentions about TypeScript during last year and almost everyone who tried it, never went back to writing regular JS, so I decided that I have to take my time and learn it.

In React Native, I am using some version of type-checking when using PropTypes and I've seen many times how having required and default types declared for props has been helpful in solving issues I encountered. But PropTypes are limited somehow and I see how in larger applications there's a need for more - 100% type safety.

I was looking for a few resources and I've been recommended (by a few people on Twitter) to read"TypeScript Deep Dive"byBasarat Ali Syed.I am in the 1/10th of the book and I already can recommend it to anyone who wants to learn TypeScript, because it has a very descriptive explanation of each TypeScript feature and how it solves some of harder-to-understand certain parts of JavaScript.


If you're a JavaScript developer and still haven't learned TypeScript, I really recommend to look into it, because it seems like it's becoming a new standard for writing JS and this book is a really good start into it.