3 ways to get a remote job as a developer


As many of you may already know, one of the reasons why I even started learning programming was the promise of working remotely from anywhere I want. That's why I did a research on how to get the job and, as with the learning programming itself, I made a plan on how to get it.

It worked out much better than I thought it will, that's why I wanted to share this with you. Those are my three ideas I had in terms on how to get the remote job as a developer.

The Long And Steady Way

When I scanned through the offers on international market for remote jobs I found out that the only offers avaliable was for people with minimum of 1-2 years of experience and I had 0 experience, because I was looking for my first job.

That's why my first idea was to get my first job as a developer in my location, get a required experience there and then look again for a remote job, if not succeeded, repeat the process.

I am sure this is a good path for most people who never worked in an office or never worked at all, because you'll find out a lot of about the industry and how to work with people. This is a great moment to get your soft skills polished, because they are even more important when working remotely...

Try your country way

As I stated in the previous post, international companies who hire remote developers require at least 1-2 years of experience. The best would be that you already have experience with remote work.

It was much easier to find a remote job in Poland for me. There are quite many offers for remote work in my country, I hope it'll be relatable for you too.

Many companies don't advertise that they hire remotely, so you should look through the companies in your country and try to find the best ones that suits you.

When I couldn't get a job in my city, I went looking in other cities and kept asking if they hire remotely, in the end I found the job, then it was much easier to get second one after this.

Second part of this second way is that if you have found a job in a city, ask if you can work remotely 1-2 days a week. This is also a good start to check if this kind of work is for you and you'll have a chance to test yourself. You'll be able to prove to yourself to your employer, and of course you will put it your CV.

The freelancer way

So this was my third idea to get a job as a developer working remotely. I thought that I'll try doing small websites, building a portfolio after hours of my standard job. Building the portfolio up eventually transforming into full-time freelancer.

I think that this way has many benefits, but I always thought that I'll learn the best when I'll be working on a project with someone more experienced and I'll learn from them.

I think that this way is the harderst way, because you have to learn everything by yourself and you also have to have great skills to work with clients and build your brand which is a hard work.

You have to also work hard on managing your work to be financially stable and more stuff I don't even know, because I haven't been working as a dev-freelancer yet.

Freelancer has to manage tons of things and that's why I think that new developers should focus more on their technical skills first. Becoming a freelancer works the best for people with at least a few years of experience - that's why haven't chosen this way, but it might be better suited for you!


So I think that close the subject of How to find a remote job as a developer for now. This 3 ways was my plan for getting one, the second option worked well for me in the end. I think of this year as a start of my journey in the world of software development and I still feel like I need to learn a lot in before even trying to apply for international companies.

Do you have any other ideas on this topic ? Let me know in the comments!