5 Visual Studio Code extensions for React Native Developers


As many of you that follow me onInstagramknow. I use Visual Studio Code when working with code. I had some question about some extensions that I could recommend so here's a list of extensions that I use every day.

1. React Native Snippet

React Native Snippet

This is the most usedextensionby me. If you're working on the new App when you are building newcomponentsall the time you probably feel that writing all the code necessary for the whole component takes a long time to write.

Why not use a snippet and write 3 letters and the whole code will be written. This Extension does a great job in doing that and many more snippets likeimporting,stylehelpers, etc...

Learn a few snippets and your life will be mucheasierand you'll become even moreproductive!

Recommendation scale:  5/5

2. JavaScript console utils

JavaScript console utils

As a JavaScript developer, you use console.logeveryday and this extension help you work with your console logs. I spoke about this extension with a few friend developers and they always thanked to me, because it also speeds up your workflow.

Use Cmd+Shift+D and delete all the console.log occurrences in the file you're in. Instead of writing the name of the variable and putting in the console.log, simply **highlight the variable and use Cmd+Shift+L and the extension will write the **console.log for you.

Recommendation scale:5/5

3. React PropTypes Intellisense

React PropTypes Intellisense

This particular one is a great one when your Component has a long list of props and you don't remember all the names. Write part of the name of a props and the extensionsuggest the name you want.Speed up yourproductivityeven more!

Recommendation scale:4/5

4. React Native Tools

React Native Tools

This extension does the language support for React Native. Code-hinting and integrated commands for **React Native framework. This is a **must have if you'd like to use Visual Studio Code with React Native

Recommendation scale: 5/5

5. Bracket Pair Colorizer

Bracket Pair Colorizer

When I first downloaded the extension I hated it and immediately deleted it, after some time I gave it one more try and found out in a half hour how useful it may be! This extension **colorize pair of **brackets whether is in **function, *object or \*array scope.

It's not necessary, but I also recommended it to a few dev friends and they found it helpful many times.

Recommendation scale:4/5


There are even more useful extensions I use, but those particular one I find very useful and helpful in myeverydayjob as a React Native Developer.

I will definitely write a second part of this post in the future where I'll describe more broadly used extensions.

See you next time!