Usefull knowledge - Scalable Vector Graphics


The most important thing to get you in front of the doors to your first job I described in this seriesprogramming-learn-it-by-yourself, but that isn't where it ends. There are tons of other stuff to learn and as I learned on the job, there are moreoftenused for Web and Mobile developers than I thought.

One of this things isSVGformat. As a Web or Mobile developer, you'll encounter using SVG on the daily basis and it's getting more and morepopularevery day.

SVGstands for Scalable Vector Graphics and it definesvector-basedgraphics inXMLformat.

What SVG helps with ?

  • Animatingdifferent elements of every possibleshapescan bring a lot of life and pleasant feel to the app.
  • Many elements withunconventionalshapes can be only made withSVGfiles.
  • AwesomeGraphsandCharts.
  • Beautiful elementstransitionswhile navigation,onboardings,splashscreensand many many more.

I am not an expert in this area, but numerous beautiful things are being made with manipulation ofSVGby JavaScript. I haven't seen it anywhere in the job offerings, but if is most of the times required and you find out about it during the job, so it's good to know that you could learn itbefore.

In React Native, there's a little bit limitedAPIfor SVG compared to the Web, but stilltonof stuff can be made and there's a lots to learn i this area.

This isone course onUdemyI took long time ago when I was trying to learnSVGanimation a while ago, while I haven't been even thinking about learning React Native. I somehow got it for free, but now it's quite cheap and it was pretty good, so I recommendtakingthis one. If you know any better course around SVG, let me know!

I encountered many problems withSVGin my job for the last 2 weeks, that I feel like I need to refresh my knowledge on this and I'll definitely will have to and do this course again.

This is it for today. LearnSVGas soon as you grasp the basics, it's a quite broad subject and will probably take some time to master so betterstart today!