Framework doesn't matter in the end

Being flexible

When you're working in a bigger company, there are around 500 people and a lots of projects from very different genre. For example I am now working in a Web Development project based on Angular. I do only CSS there, but I can read and find myself inside this project pretty easily.

When working with JavaScript to build React Native applications, I found out that my JavaScript skills became more versatile and all around programming skills became better.

Because the syntax may be different in some cases, but the logic behind JavaScript frameworks is basically the same. That's why it's really not that important in terms of your programming skills which framework you'll choose.

Solving problems

The real knowledge of solving problems and debugging issues is transferable to any framework and even for different languages. The only criteria of choosing a framework for anyone wondering should be:

  1. How you like what the syntax and work flow looks like.
  2. What's the job demand for particular framework around your area in order to get into the programming world.

In the long term the only thing that matter is that everyone should become an expert in the area they choose and then try to broaden the knowledge to different subjects.

So don't spend more time than a few hours to think about choosing the hottest framework now. The best you can do is just pick anything and build something with it.

The basics and concepts are first, but it still good to learn a framework. It just doesn't matter which one you'll chose in the long term and I recommend using React, because I see how my skills with vanillajs have grown thanks to React

My recommendation

I actually recommend learning React if you aren't decided which framework to choose, but I just wanted to point it out that in the long term, it doesn't matter that much as you may think in the beginning. Mastering one will definitely make you a great programmer and will let you get familiar with another one much quicker?

If you have 0 interest in writing mobile apps- only web,it really doesn't matter, choose the one which gives you more opportunity for work

So go and build something!