List of priorities

Importance of prioritisation

Lately I’ve got a lot on my head and I made a decision to put even more with an idea to write on Instagram and starting this blog. I do it, because I know myself and actually I tend to finish more things when I have a loads of things to do. In this state there’s no really place for unplanned action, that’s why prioritisation of tasks is very important and I feel like I am better and better at this.

Around 2 months ago, when my idea of creating this blog has clarified and I started creating more and more content, I made a list of priorities which I follow and that helped me moving a lot in the right direction. I have been going to a gym for more than a quarter regularly now, 4-6 times a week. This was very important aspect of my life for past quarter, but my priorities has changed and I had to put the gym at the end of the list this time. It's still on my priority list, that's why I had 2 week off my gym, but I am still going to go there at least 3 days a week now.

The more I am aware of howimportantprioritisation</ really is, the less emotional I feel about changing the list. This is not the first time I gave up something to achieve my goal and I think that when you want to achieve something you justhave to be ready to give upthings you like.

Willing for sacrifices

When I started learning how to code, I was a music producer for around 5 years. I had even producedtrackwhich has over 700 000 views on youtube. I thought it may be my big "breakthrough" and I could maybe one day I became famous producer. I was wrong and until I decided to become a software developer I realised that my music producer dreams wasn't backed by my actions at all. I was just having fun producing music and this had nothing with hard work which has to be put, to succeed at it.

As I realised that I need to really work hard smartly to become a software developer, I really had no much more love for trying to "get it" as a music producer. That's why I gave up producing music in order to learn programming and sold all my producing equipment. Almost 1.5 years after I dropped doing it, my music is still availableonlineand actually I sold a few beats a few weeks ago, but I have no regret of doing it.

When I started learning how to code, I gave up going to a gym too. I was attending it quite regularly 2-3 times a week then, but I didn't have a great plan and I wasted a lot of time there. I wanted to become a software developer so bad that I've finally gave up going to a gym too.

This one might be obvious, but I also gave up all my leisure time - watching movies, TV series, playing games, etc. I am a huge TV series fan and I have been watching those a lot, I've been also playing online games from time to time. I had togive it all up.


I have no regrets of doing giving up any of those things, because I am now** happier than ever **. I work remotely from home and I even find time for going to a gym, even it's on the bottom on my priority list. I think I may have some time for producing some music, just for fun in the future, without all the pressure I put on myself earlier.

If you really want to change your life, I encourage you to make a honest priority list and try to stick to it, don't hold to things that may slow down your learning process.It's worth it.