English and resources

My short story

I am from Poland and when I was young, my father had to go to theUSAto make money. Thanks to it he understood that knowing English is very Important and I have been learning it since I was 6 or 7, when in polish schools there still wasn't even a standard as it is today. Owing to that fact, reading and writing in English now is pretty easy for me, but I still am working on my speaking.

English while learning code

Nevertheless when learning programming I could find and learn from the best online courses which are of course in English. Thanks to that fact, I could omit the courses in my native language which felt pretty old in that time and learn from the best. Reading, writing and speaking in English opens up so many possibilities for you that it shouldn't even be questionable.

That's why I believe that mytransitionfrom anon-programmer to a** paid programmer** was way much faster and that's why I believe that as anon-nativeEnglish programmer it's your obligation to learn English.

In order to be up-to-date with all the newest knowledge and information, you need english, becauset**he best** newsletters and newest articles are written in English language. Here are a few of them.

As a React Native developer I recommend

  1. Infinite Red, which is a a company who created Ignite and lot of great content for React Native community. - Mobile Dev Weekly which has the most important articles from Mobile Development world.
  2. React Statuswhich has the most important articles about React framework from the past week, information about news in the framework, new tools etc. It also has a separate section for React Native related articles and a job offers section - ton of great content!
  3. Last but not least isJavaScript Weekly, with the newest informations about the whole JavaScript world.

Those are the newsletters I recommend to keep up with, those are the ones I try to read most regularly. As a React Native Developer I have to fuse ale the knowledge together from both Mobile and Web world's in a specific way and to be a good RNDev I have also to be a good JS Dev, that's why the information from all those newsletters are significant.

There's one more thing I** read the most** - articles on Medium! Everyday I receive an email from Medium with the stories which might interest me based on articles which I've read previously. I recommend looking for knowledge there regarding technical topics, because lots of great RN specialists write great articles on Medium.

That's quite a lot to read but if you'll organise yourself enough and will find at least** 20 minutes everyday** for reading, it will be very beneficial for you as anaspiringdeveloper.