Developers-the most positive community in the world

When I was younger, I've been in a lot of social communities. Only since my adulthood I've been for a long time between beatboxers, music producers, forwarders, classic musicians and a few others. As I was on my way back from an integration with around** 200 developers**, I must say that this community had the most overall positive vibe than all those groups, that I've been part of, combined!

The amount of happiness, openness was just astonishing. Everyone I talked with was so kind and with such positive vibe, that I didn't want that weekend to end. I was yet again positively surprised that I've chosen to change my occupation and became a software developer. The positiveness and openness affect me in a very productive way, it's just so great to work in this kind of environment.

Today I started to think about it, why this particular community, from all which I was a part of, is the one with enormous amount of positivity. There's a lot offrustrationin the musical world, especially classical musicians, because there's a really no places to work within this occupation and if there's a job - it's not even paying good.

The same happens with aspiring beatboxers and music producers. Those activities can give you a lot's of fun and you can express yourself creatively and if you approach it this way it's all good. Frustration comes when you actually think that you want to really live off your passion for music, which is so popular right now. The truth is that only 1% of all the people wanting to become popular musician will get there. The rest will be fulfilled with frustration and bad emotions. That's why I think the positivity in those groups isn't so obvious.

Most developers salary is quite decent and most of them aren't scared of loosing their job so they feel calm about theirfinancial situation. Everybody know's how financial situation is important for one's attitude and approach to life. Most developer's salaries are on the level which let them not to worry about money too much.

The second most important factor of this state of things is -most developers like their jobs! Programming is a skill which give's you kind of magical power tocreate something out of nothing. Thanks to this superpower, developers are able to change the world with new ideas and having that kind of impact on the world is very fulfilling for every human.

Those are two of the reasons I wanted to become a software developer. This is important for all artistic souls which felt that they have lost their love for music or other type of creativity.

Programming in any language stretch your mind in ways you couldn't ever think of and that's just healthy. Your mind need stretching the same way your muscles need stretching, it helps to stay in a good mental shape.

That's why I write this blog. I want to spreadpositivityandgood vibes, share my thoughts of whether the decision to become a **software developer **was a good idea.

I strongly encourage you to do so, you won't regret it.