Time - our most valuable asset

I worked for around1.5 yearsin a logistics department of coil production company as a Specialist of Purchasing. I was feeling boring Excel files and ordering materials from China.

Nobody knew that I’ve been learning programming so everybody was shocked when I’ve handled my resign papers in December 2017. Additionally when I told everyone in the office that I have been learning programming for the last year and I will be working remotely from home, they were even more shocked.

What was shocking for me, that like 80% of people in the office told me straight away that if they had a chance, they wouldn’t like to work in home. They said that this isn’t for them and they like to going to the office, work and leave the work at the office, because they don’t like to take work home and they wouldn’t be able to focus at home etc.

For me, some of those arguments were ok, but I felt strange that that many people declined hypotheticalopportunityoffreeingso much time. I was living in a 15 minutes walk distance from the office and it took me around 1 hour before to organize myself before I actually started work. Most of the people hasn’t had thatluxuryand drived at least 30-40 minutes to the office. That adds up.

That’s why it was shocking for me that they haven’t even considered a hypothetical opportunity of changing to remote work. Thanks to changing my work to remote one I freed at least10-12 hoursa week of my time which I can spend doing everything I want. I actually now wake up even earlier than I did to go to my work, but is very much differently when waking up and working on your goals and waking up and going to job you dislike.

Working remotelyis the best thing that happened to me in my professional career. I now have time to write about what I like doing and encourage people to try new things. Thanks to more freed time, I’ve taken care of my health more, I have time excercise, work on my skills and work on my side projects.

Timeis the most valuable asset in our lifes, if you start valueing it more, you’ll definately will achieve more things you want in life.