React Native is just getting started

React Native's alleged death

Last week, lots of people said about "death of React Native", because ofseries of articles from AirBnb. I don't know why they have such attitude towards certain technology. I really don't understand the drama about it on Twitter was just overwhelming for me. It's pretty understandable for me that such big company likeAirBnbcan afford investing in native mobile developers, but that's just not the case of the rest of the market.

React Native is still very attractive for smaller business applications, MVP's and start-ups. This series of articles changes nothing to those.


React Native version is 0.56 now, we passed a first half before magical number of v1.0. When AirBnb took a bet on it was a very different world. The technology was new and there weren't many people on earth that actually knew what was going on with it.

I started learning this technology in August 2017 and even then the technology was just totally different. There was no one navigation solution that could be relied on. The animations weren't reaching 60 FPS and some things weren't just working out of the box. Things changed a lot within that short period of time. Framework grew and people started getting to know what it is actually about.

React Native is moving very fast and it's changing a lot, for such big company like AirBnb it was a heavy burden, but they placed a bet on it, because they had many React developers then and they were aware of this.

I believe that React Native is just getting started

Latest article about it from Facebook is just confirming that. The company which invented the technology is investing more and more into it and as the technology has started to mature it's a great information for thefuture.

I believe that when Facebook will deliver the features provided in the latest article by the end of a year, many of the performance issues will be fixed  and then it will be the time when React Native will start getting real attention.

There are still many offers for developers with jQuery experience, because the standard of business is that it's always behind the actual technology trends, because trends are just  trends - they come and go quickly. This isn't case of React Native, which is maturing and it's now long enough to make a noise in business areas smaller than the biggest companies like AirBnb.

The attention from smaller businesses of software industry has just only began. When I started learning React Native in August 2017 there were a lot's of job offers on the market fromXamarin,IonicandCordovaand almost any from React Native. There are almost no offers from those technologies right now and the React Native market just blew and I get at least one offer a week regarding this technology.


I believe that React Native is just getting started. It's definitely not going to die and it is an awesome tool, especially for smaller start-ups than AirBnb.

If you're more interested in this technology, come back next week, for my quick introduction to React Native.