Who am I

selfmade developer

My name is Paweł Karniej and in November 2016 I made a promise to myself that I'll become a software developer. I kept my promise and since January 2018 I am working as a React Native Developer. I love every aspect of it and it totally changed my life, that's why I want share my journey from how it all started to wherever it will take me.

There are quite a few great blogs from programmers out there, but every one which I know was created by CS students and people who has been doing programming for a long time.

I created this blog to encourage people that you don't have to have a CS degree to become a developer and get into software development industry. I didn't need it to get my first job. I didn't need it to get my second, all what mattered was my skills - which I got from hard work and persistence.

I don't have the best salary in the industry yet, but it actually has doubled in my first half of a year in the industry! I make enough living to provide for myself and my family and I am sitting at home, at my desk, working remotely.

If you ever thought about becoming a software developer I want to help you, I was there not so long ago - I started in November 2016. No matter how much time you have, how old are you, I am here to share my best tips to achieve your goal.

As a digital nomad working remotely from home, I’ll present best ways to organize your day and how to balance it correctly with other activities.

Programming isn’t the first thing that I’ve learned by myself, I am a former self-made beatboxer and music producer. I took the attitude, best ways in self-teaching and tips for constant progress in music and applied to learning new skills as a programmer. I want to share everything I learned by myself and help people to change their lives for the better.

I just got into the software industry a minute ago and I hope I will be helpful and you'll enjoy following my journey and perspective of exploring this world as a Selfmade Developer.